• Plant a CONCEPT!

    or two, or even a whole forest

New forest for Brazil!

Imagine eating delicious and healthy food and hence reforest the Amazon and help small family farmers to build a better life.
TodaVida is a green startup from Berlin, and our goal is to reforest the Amazon by means of “food forests”, mixed permacultural forests constituted by rare native plants, like Brazil Nuts, Cupuaçu, Graviola, Guaraná, Açaí, Jatobá, and many others.
With your consume of our products, new forest is created in Brazil.
Get involved, be it as a customer, as a sponsor of tree babies, or as an active member of our “Forest Hero Crowd”.

Bruna Todeschini

Yedi Forest Hero

Brazilian, business administrator, specialized in sustainable development. Our specialist in Unconventional Food Plants ins Brazil.

Lives in Berlin

Julia Stark

Yedi Forest Hero

cake creation, coordination, communication – and the voice of TodaVida! Our creativity Grand Central Station when it comes to putting out what’s up.

Lives in Berlin

Andrea Narja Heberling

Yedi Forest Hero

German-Brazilian. Between many other things, Narja coordinates TodaVida’s reforesting projects.
Lives in Berlin

Ben Kromayer

Yedi Forest Hero

German, serial entrepreneur. General Manager of TodaVida. Responsible in fact a little bit for everything… 🙂
He lives in Berlin.

Eric Bruno Alves da Silva

Yedi Forest Hero

Brazilian, coordinates the Brazilian Part of our logistics, and manages our Brazilian product development laboratories.
Lives in Brazil

Max Engel

Yedi Forest Hero

German-Canadian environmental professional. He specializes in sustainable rainforest supply chains and has international auditing and business strategy experience from the wine regions of Alentejo, Portugal to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest.
He lives in Vancouver

Adriana Meola Riemke

Super Forest Hero

Brazilian, journalist. Part of TodaVida with heart & soul. No one else is able to put into words with similar clarity our most important topics!
Lives in Berlin