Yummy Food To Restore Rainforest

We rebuild forest in the Amazon to produce innovative food

TodaVida promotes a new way of farming in Brazil, where forests are planted rather than destroyed.
Our products grow in agroforestry systems. In these systems, native trees and crops are planted together to create a natural balance of biomass, nutrients, water, microorganisms, light and shade. It is here that native crops find ideal conditions for growth.
Both turnover and possible profits of TodaVida finance the planting of further agroforestry systems of this kind. This transforms wasteland into forest again and at the same time provides the rural population with a sustainable income thanks to the forest. Our local partners are indigenous tribes and small-scale farmers’ cooperatives. Incidentally, this agriculture promotes biodiversity, health of local people and climate recovery. And it helps to create a more sustainable economy for everyone.

So what?

Brazil nut trees breeded
Acres of Rainforest planted
Cow lives saved

How we create new forests:


0,50 €

Each product contributes € 0,50 for the planting of new forests

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Moreover, 50% of our profit flows into the reforestation projects.

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All projects are realized directly with local producers

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