We rebuild forest in the Amazon to produce innovative food.

TodaVida works to create agriculture in Brazil that rebuilds forest instead of destroying it.
Our products are grown in agroforestry systems, where crops and trees are planted together, balancing biomass, nutrients, water, microorganisms, light, and shadow.
Our sales profits finance the breeding of native food plants. And our partners – indigenous tribes and local family farmers – plant them to recover deserted areas. The resulting “food forests” provide biodiversity recovery, a healthy living environment, and a new sustainable economy.
Thus, the more you eat, the more new forest is grown.

So what?

Brazil nut trees breeded
Acres of Rainforest planted
Cow lives saved


Design of Agroforestry System for Cooperative in Acre

In a joint venture between TodaVida, the University of Leuven (Belgium) and COOPERACRE (Brazil), an innovative agroforestry system was developed for the Amazon state of Acre. And this system is currently being set up on site in several family farms in different natural environments, in order to investigate the effects of soil, slope, etc. on one single Agroforestry system.
Although COOPERACRE has already established agroforestry systems in the past, this project takes the concept to the next level, as many more species are grown together than any previous project of its kind. And the mix of cultures includes some extremely precious but also rather unknown cultures like Cubiu, Bacupari, Ariá, Ingá, and many more!

Building Agroforestry Systems in Mato Grosso

To become one of the tallest trees in the Amazon, the Brazil nuts tree needs a lot of time. And to develop its full nuts-potential, at least 30 years will pass by. However, from then on it will produce abundant amounts of nuts every year for the rest of its life, up to a thousand years! Together with the tree nursery of Juruena in Mato Grosso, TodaVida has been raising and planting 5.000 Brazil nut seedlings in agroforestry systems since 2016, having so far rebuilt about 50 hectares of fallow land with native mixed forest. This project includes the entire life cycle, from Brazil nut to cereal, back to the tree. And for each Brazil nut product sold, we breed and plant another Brazil nuts tree. So you can make an important contribution to the reforestation of areas from which the jungle had already disappeared, just by consuming healthy food!

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